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For trenches made to measure - LIBA, Erdbau in Pefektion

Trenchers for drainage, cables, pipes and other conduits in a wide range of widths and milling depths are produced faster and more accurately than excavators could ever do. The small-grained excavated material lands on the desired side of the trench via the robust conveyor belt. In this way, trenches can also be produced directly at the boundary of the property. In addition, a load-free and accessible trench edge is created. If you want to build an irrigation system or lay cables, you either need an excavator or have to do a lot of strenuous manual work for the required trench. Trench cutters do the job quickly and easily.

Their compact size is a major advantage of trench cutters. Thanks to their easy handling, the machines can be used especially for milling depths that excavators would have difficulty reaching. The trencher can also be used to dig trenches at milling depths without affecting the surrounding terrain.

The different trenching machines

You can get different versions of the trench cutting machine from us. The following factors play an important role in choosing the right model:

      • Trench width
      • Milling depth
      • Speed
      • Engine power

Our highly specialised and modern machinery easily copes with even the most complex construction tasks. Pipelines and cables, whether for DSL, gas, geothermal energy, photovoltaics, electricity or water, can be laid economically and quickly.

Trench cutters for various milling depths are the environmentally friendly alternative to excavators. The heavy-duty machine can dig trenches with only a small amount of excavated material without causing major disruption to the surrounding area. Clean milling and an appropriate milling depth also eliminate the need for soil replacement. Precise trench walls and straight cuts directly through concrete or asphalt pavements, even on stony ground at appropriate milling depths, can be produced quickly and accurately. Our milling machines are the ideal solution for precise civil engineering work in both paved and unpaved areas. There is no longer any need for time-

consuming and costly dismantling and re-erection work when carrying out civil engineering work behind crash barriers. Even in heavy soils, our trench cutters can be used to lay cables in a timely, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. Laser control ensures that the lines are laid at the prescribed gradient.

Rotary tillers from GRABENMEISTER

GRABENMEISTER stands for power and durability of our rotary tillers. The compact machines with various milling depths are among the most versatile and robust bestsellers worldwide. Efficiency, performance and precision are guaranteed with rotary tillers from GRABENMEISTER. Our machines are used for a wide variety of tasks. Whether for agricultural drainage, laying pipes, golf courses and sports facilities or in civil engineering: Even under the most difficult ground conditions, exact trench walls can be milled quickly and precisely. We offer a wide variety of trenchers, including mounted trenchers, trenchers for cable laying, deep trenchers and excavator mounted trenchers. Our wide range of trenching machines enables us to satisfy the numerous needs of trench construction at different milling depths.

Trench cutters with different milling depths

Our trench cutters solve the problem of making trenches at different milling depths economically and particularly quickly. Time-consuming and costly excavation is no longer necessary. With our trench cutters, we achieve level trench bottoms and exact trench walls. Our powerful models perform reliable milling work even in rocky soils. The excavated material is piled up directly next to the trench by a compact conveyor belt and can be reused for filling. Trench cutters are ideal for a wide range of applications and milling depths. Water and sewage pipes, electrical cables, telephone lines etc. can be laid efficiently with this heavy-duty machine.

You benefit from our many years of experience and professional expertise

Our devices are characterized by high functionality and reliability. They have already proven themselves in many fields of application and numerous projects and are used by a large number of companies. We also offer you more than 50 years of experience, which is reflected in the technical sophistication and professionalism of our tractor milling machines.

Erdbau in Perfektion


When creating trenches for irrigation systems, drains and underground cables, trench cutters for cable laying are the first choice. LIBA has various trenchers in its program, which convince with their all-terrain and powerful caterpillar drive, a user-friendly control system and the extremely robust construction. The small but powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive has clearly arranged operating elements and is therefore suitable for quick familiarisation, as its mode of operation is immediately apparent from the very first use.

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Today, sports facilities are subject to greater wear and tear and at the same time users demand higher quality lawns. In order to meet these high quality standards, extensive maintenance is necessary, but this must not interfere with sports activities in the long term. With the right tools for sports field drainage, this problem can be solved efficiently. The operator's platform of the GM 4 all-wheel drive can be moved in just a few steps, allowing a direct view of the trench and the milling chain.

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Drainage channels, drainage systems or pitch heating for football stadiums - the trench cutting machine Grabenmeister GM4 Crwaler is an all-rounder Versatile in use, even in hot, rough or mountainous regions, this modern trench cutting machine is the reliable tool when it comes to trench excavation or canals. Equipped with an all-terrain four-wheel drive, the tracked version offers even more safety, precise driving comfort and optimum load distribution.

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Rock Trencher GM 6 ASR Reliability, protected technologies and an excellent procedure distinguish the Rock trencher. The trench cutting machine ensures uniform material comminution. Thanks to the trenchers, time-consuming post-crushing of broken rock and post-treatment of the surface are no longer required. Milling surfaces with the rock trencher GM 6 ASR is the more economical alternative to conventional blasting. Rock trencher for hard surfaces Our rock trencher is designed for the removal of rock of different strength levels.

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Lingener Baumaschinen

Rent? No problem.
Rental and hire of trenching machines

However, if you don’t have your own equipment or qualified personnel, renting trenches is the right option. We come up with an attractive overall package consisting of expert knowledge, good ideas, high-quality materials and the right machines.

Our large fleet of vehicles includes equipment for all types of earthwork. In the rental sector, we have various ride-on trenchers for normal to heavy soils. We always rent out the equipment with one operator.
We have 4 different trenchers available for rental.


LIBA Lingener Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

Since 1964, the brand name GRABENMEISTER has stood for technically sophisticated and mature trenching machines, which we sell worldwide. Our many years of experience are your guarantee for know-how, service and reliable machines.

In 1968, this „Grabenmeister G 1500“ was built, which already had 250 HP and could dig a trench of 4500 x 1500 mm.

The increased demand and expansion of the production range resulted in an enlargement and modernization of the production facilities, which we have moved into since 1994 and where we are pleased to welcome you today.

Today LIBA – Lingener Baumaschinen presents itself as a streamlined company in production and administration. With a staff of about 20 employees it is able to offer highly modern and specialized machines and system solutions. These include self-propelled machines, attachments or special machines for a wide range of applications. The export share is 35% of the total turnover.

We would be pleased to give you the opportunity to personally convince yourself of the performance of our „Grabenmeister“ trenchers at our Lingen plant.

Trenchers from LIBA - Lingener Baumaschinen



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