For laying fibre optic cables -The stable and powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive trenchers from LIBA

If a specific project is to be implemented, such as laying underground cables such as fibre optic cables or pulling trenches for irrigation systems or drainage, LIBA trench cutters are the perfect tool for cable laying. Special features such as an extremely reliable design, an easy-to-operate control mechanism and their all-terrain and robust caterpillar drive make LIBA trenchers indispensable helpers that are absolutely convincing. The handy and powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive is easy to handle, because it has clearly arranged controls which make it very easy to get to grips with. Trenchers for cable laying.

Laying glass fibre in civil engineering
The professional digging of trenches for the laying of fibre optic cables usually requires both good equipment and accurate preparation. LIBA trenching machines, with their smooth drive, which works completely without jerking, cut straight and clean trenches for cable laying into the ground at all times. The cutters can always be used to their full potential, regardless of the nature of the soil. Sometimes the milling work is impaired by rubble, wet clay or stones. In such cases, the chain run changes briefly from forward to reverse, allowing the cable-laying trenchers to continue their work without any problems. The low centre of gravity of the trencher ensures a safe stand even on uneven ground. Should a tree stump or a root hidden in the ground ever appear on the path, this does not really stop the cable laying work. The sturdy milling unit is equipped with sufficient ground clearance for passage.

Fibre optic cable construction – save time and money with LIBA trench cutters
The trenchers of the GM 1 all-wheel drive series are self-propelled all-wheel drive trenchers with diesel engine. Nevertheless, a relatively low load on the subsoil is guaranteed due to their low dead weight. The tilt device can easily compensate for a lateral inclination of the terrain up to approx. 15°. It is possible to eject the excavated earth to the right or left. Independently of this, the operating platform of the trenchers can be swivelled. Nevertheless, the excavated earth can also be transported away directly, as the conveyor belt can be mounted on both sides. After milling, gravel is backfilled with the extra filling hopper in just one single operation. The GM 1 all-wheel trenchers also allow immediate cable and pipe insertion with the aid of additional accessories. It is also possible to equip all four-wheel drive trenchers with twin tyres. Perhaps the question arises whether trenches can also be cut in harder ground. The answer is a resounding „yes“, because this is absolutely no problem for the self-propelled machine. LIBA trenching machines are an extremely useful helper when laying cables.
Fibre optic cables in civil engineering – optimum efficiency with minimum disruption
Trench cutters are the environmentally friendly option to the excavator, as they ensure the highest possible workload during cable laying without causing major damage in terms of the Nature Conservation Act. The focus of construction activity is on the various variants of cable laying. The professional construction of cable trenches is definitely part of a professional service. No less important, however, is that the excavation of the subsoil is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner and without major damage. If you would like more details about our trenching machines, we will be happy to provide you with the relevant information on request.

Self-propelled trenching machines
Our trench cutters solve the problem of making trenches at different milling depths economically and particularly quickly.

Attachment trenchers
The GM 160 AS trench cutter with auger offers high efficiency and precision The GM 160 AS trench cutter is a mounted trench cutter for Unimog.

Special milling machines
This depth milling machine reaches a working depth of 1,800 mm and is attached to the three-point linkage of the tractor

trenching machines for glass fibre installation
When milling trenches, precision is essential. We are happy to support you in your selection with our expertise and many years of experience.

Leasing of trenching machines
Various ride-on trenchers for normal to heavy soils are available for rental.

Accessories for trenching machines
We offer you useful and practical accessories to equip your machines optimally for every application.