gartenmeister-4-raupe-1_HDR projectsgartenmeister-4-raupe-1_HDR projects
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  • Milling width: 70 -450 mm
  • Milling depth: 300 – 1,500 mm
  • Engine: Doosan Diesel, water cooled, 60 KW, 79 PS
  • Travel drive: Hydr. caterpillar drive
  • Working / transport speed: 0-6 km/h
  • Milling chain drive: mech./hydr. via power band
  • Steering: hydr. via steering wheel
  • Electrical system: 12V
  • Hydr. system: tandem control pump control panel (control of all functions electrically), additional hydr. via gear pump
  • Tyre chassis/crawler track: steel chain with 300 mm rubber. Base plates
  • Standard equipment: Standard conveyor belt hydr hydr. 15 degrees, trench edge scraper, all-wheel drive (stepless)
  • Milling beam depth: -600, 850 1250, 1500 or optional 3000 mm
  • Chain widths: -70, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 mm (75 mm TLG.)
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • Mixed chains: (chisel and knife)
  • sole scraper
  • sole plate
  • backfilling auger
  • Loading conveyor 3000 and 4000 mm hydr. for direct loading
  • slot equipment
  • reel
  • dozer blade
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and holder for pipes and filling funnel

Drainage channels, drainage systems or pitch heating for football stadiums – the trench cutting machine Grabenmeister GM4 Raupe is an all-rounder

Versatile in use, even in hot, rough or mountainous regions, this modern trench cutting machine is the reliable tool when it comes to trench excavation or canals. Equipped with an all-terrain four-wheel drive, the tracked version offers even more safety, precise driving comfort and optimum load distribution. The trench cutting machine with chain drive feels at home at the edge of the field, where a drainage channel is planned. But also on the football pitch, where it mills the channels for the pitch heating – without ruining the lawn.


  • weight: 4.900 kg
  • length: 5.800 mm
  • width: 1.900 mm
  • height: 2.700 mm

(Weight and dimensions depend on the respective equipment)

Trenchers from LIBA - Lingener Baumaschinen